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Information Technology skills allow students to connect to the world around them and to engage with the sea of information at their fingertips, allowing them to become information generators as well as information consumers. 

Studying Information Technology is important in preparing students for their future and gives them the future focused skills they need to approach new technologies with excitement and vigour.

At Rutherford Technology High School, ICT is a high priority.  With three major computer labs in A10, A115 and K101.  All faculties have access to laptops providing an excellent student to computer ratio, which will connect to a high speed internet connection.  This allows students to access a range of technological resources with the click of a mouse.  In addition to these computer resources, we have a general purpose 30 station computer lab in the library.

In Year 7 and Year 8, ICT skills are developed through Technology Mandatory though they are addressed in part in all subject areas.  Students at this level cultivate their computer literacy, computation thinking and coding skills by using a range of online software packages.  This expands the student's understanding to the wide range of uses of technology, also developing their skills to stay safe and secure in the online environment.

In Year 9 and Year 10, students are encouraged to take up the Information & Software Technology elective, which covers in greater detail the concepts covered in Technology Mandatory, with a greater focus on developing a deeper understanding of communication, personal security, cyber security and data analytics, teaching future focus skills preparing for after school life and develop the students understanding of the responsibility of being a global citizen.

At the HSC level, the ICT Faculty at Rutherford Technology High School offers several elective subjects: Information Processes & Technology, Design & Technology Multimedia and Software Design & Development.  Students have the opportunity to develop their understanding of Information Systems, their role in society and their underlying principles while the Multimedia elective allows students to demonstrate their creativity and communication skills, while learning to manage large projects.  Software Development & Design offers students an opportunity to develop skills in programming, coding, project management and introduces software design principles, which prepare students for entry level programming for University or TAFE.


ICT Faculty Staff 2024

Mr Peter Short (Head Teacher)

Mr Brady Cooper (Head Teacher Teaching & Learning)

Ms Emma Jack (Tu-F)