Rutherford Technology High School

Respect Responsibility Commitment

Telephone02 4932 5999

Remember to Mention...

A number of businesses provide financial support to the school. This includes:

IGA Rutherford - IGA Rutherford has a Loyalty Program that allocates points for purchases made at their store. Please sign up at the store to be part of this Loyalty Program and nominate Rutherford Technology High School as your nominated recipient.

Highway Ford, Rutherford - Highway Ford, Rutherford sponsors Rutherford Technology High School by making a donation to the school for every car purchased. Please mention the school's name to ensure that the school benefits from this program.

Newcastle Permanent, Rutherford - The "Introducer" program is available for anyone taking out a new loan with Newcastle Permanent.Just mention that you heard about Newcastle Permanent from Rutherford Technology High School and the school will receive $600 when the loan settles.

Athletes Foot, Green Hills - The Athletes Foot sponsors Rutherford Technology High School by donating $5 to the school for every pair of shoes purchased at any of their three stores at Green Hills, Charlestown and Glendale. When purchasing shoes at any of The Athletes Foot shops, please mention Rutherford Technology High School to ensure that your purchase is linked to the school.

Bing Lee – Thornton - Bing Lee Thornton is continuing its schools program aimed at assisting local schools to acquire electrical appliances at no cost. Every dollar spent within the store can earn credits for the school if nominated by the customer at the point of sale.

Rutherford Technology High School has signed up to be a part of this program so please keep this in mind if making a purchase at Bing Lee Thornton. All you need to do is to mention to the cashier that you are supporting this program and advise them the name of the school. Any member of the local community can donate their credit dollars to the school of their choice so please mention this to family and friends if they intend purchasing electrical items at the store. 

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